The Story behind “Founding ‘Faces”

For years, I have been interested in creating my own typeface.

I have always enjoyed the art and beauty of handwritten print.  As silly as it sounds, I clearly remember putting a great amount of time and effort into improving my handwriting even during my elementary school years.  I would write slowly and carefully, making sure that each letter was formed to my satisfaction.  If I formed a letter incorrectly, I would erase and rewrite it until it passed my rigorous test.  As time passed, the letter forms that I aspired so enthusiastically to create flowed more quickly and naturally from my practiced hand, and I worked from there to improve the style.

To this day, I continue to work on enhancing my handwriting.  Every once in a while, I will find a flaw in the design of a certain letter or number–something that can be improved either for the beauty of that specific form or the cohesiveness of whole print collection.  When this happens, I continue with the mentality of my elementary-school self; I commit to retraining my mind and muscle until writing the revised letter or number becomes second nature to me.

Just recently, I have become more acquainted with computer design programs–such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop–and the thought of converting my handwritten letters and numbers into a digital typeface has become more and more of a realistic possibility.  However, it has also become more and more clear to me that although I have some experience playing with different typefaces, I have a limited knowledge of this field.  To create a successful typeface, it is absolutely necessary to understand the history of typography, the cultural implications behind certain type designs, and the standards of type design for both print and the web.

That is my goal with “Founding ‘Faces”: to plot my research of typography in both pictures and writing with the idea of using this information for the creation of a new typeface.


One thought on “The Story behind “Founding ‘Faces”

  1. I really love the theme and overall design of your blog. The paragraph symbol in the header title and in the footer are a nice touch. I’d love to see your handwriting turned into a typeface if it looks like the logo in your header. Nice blog and awesome examples!

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