Welcome to the Founding ‘Faces Blog!  I am excited to share my research of typography with you on my journey to create a new typeface.

Just to get started, I have made a small collection of interesting websites that contain easy-to-read information on typography and resources for creating typefaces and fonts.  These include:

  • www.fonts.com — Though this website contains an extensive font library, I am mostly interested in the Learning About Fonts & Typography Section.  Under this section, “Fontology” contains brief and concise information on the history of the Latin alphabet and typography.
  • www.typophile.com — This is a fun website to browse if you have an interest in expanding your knowledge about specific fonts. There is a Typowiki section that contains information on everything from typefaces to printing methods.  Since it is user-edited, it may not be the best for research projects, but it is a good starting point for learning the basics.
  • www.creativebloq.com — This blog post that I found, entitled “How to design your own typeface,” does just that; it gives great tips to think about when starting on this endeavor and outlines how to turn ideas into action.
  • http://www.fontlab.com/ — I found this website through the blog www.ilovetypography.com, another great blog that outlines typeface-creation in the post “So you want to create a font.”  The author of this article gives a few options of font editing software, of which FontLab Studio is stated to be the industry standard.  It is, of course, very expensive, but it is worth it to look at the site and compare the product to others in the field (Font Forge and Font Creator).

I look forward to sharing my research and conversing with you about this awesome field of design!