asusLooking through my closet, I find an ASUS monitor box, and I snap a picture of the logo. I immediately recognize that what I truly love is logotype.

There is something so special about a typeface that defines a company, especially if it is designed specifically for that business. This type does not use the stroke contrast that I so dearly love, but with sliced letters, it creates a swift feeling of purpose. It completely embodies the concept of the company. Like hand-painted typography, it is unusual and singular in purpose. However, for this singular purpose, it may be reproduced endlessly. It contains the beauty of both worlds.


Hand-Painted Typography

pcBeing a painter, I naturally wanpc2t to explore hand-painted typography. This paint-your-own-pottery studio in Catonsville, named The Pottery Cove, chose a hand-painted typography display for its storefront.

While ruminating on these images, I am drawn to the beauty of its imperfection. This typeface can never be reproduced in its original form, and, in this age of computers, that is such a strange thought.

I would be happy to design hand-painted typefaces. However, I am also drawn to the strictness and uniformity of designing a reproducible typeface. A conflict of feelings.