Inspirational Forms

RdQuite obviously, the idea of logotype inspired me… And after watching this video (posted by Professor Sullivan for my ART620 class), I thought to myself: I have nothing to lose. I’m ready for serious play! I took my first steps toward typeface design.

So, already having a business idea at work in my mind from earlier this year, I set to work. I settled on the name of Restoration designs and registered.

Next, the fun part: creating the logotype! I started a sketchbook of thumbnails and got to work in Illustrator to create the type forms. Utilizing the grid view in Illustrator, the formation of type seemed to flow naturally. I made sure to keep curves uniform and include the Old Style contrast that I love. The only aspect of these designs that is not crrd_typeeated from scratch is the tagline, which features Baskerville (italic).

Sans serif, though…Even a surprise to me!

I fully expect this logotype to evolve over time, and I am open to discussion. However, as my first attempt, and truly an act of serious play, I am content.

For more information on my newly registered business, please visit Side note: Adobe Muse is an absolutely wonderful program.



asusLooking through my closet, I find an ASUS monitor box, and I snap a picture of the logo. I immediately recognize that what I truly love is logotype.

There is something so special about a typeface that defines a company, especially if it is designed specifically for that business. This type does not use the stroke contrast that I so dearly love, but with sliced letters, it creates a swift feeling of purpose. It completely embodies the concept of the company. Like hand-painted typography, it is unusual and singular in purpose. However, for this singular purpose, it may be reproduced endlessly. It contains the beauty of both worlds.