011Graffiti is a style of typography that may not be ignored during a thorough research project of typography. Though it is usually not appreciated by businesses, it is scattered across the buildings in both urban and suburban regions. This style of typography carries interesting undertones; the artistic curves are usually illegible, making the forms more important than the message. Perhaps, if graffiti was seen as an art form, rather than vandalism, it could be used for business promotion rather than harm.


Suburban Typography

005 I feel that this picture embodies the typography of suburban America. Shopping centers thrive in cities and towns surrounding metropolitan areas; though everyone would love to be able to walk to a local grocery store, shopping centers like these are often the main source of everyday goods and services for the working and middle classes of the suburbs. The typography, I noticed, does not have to be fancy or establish a brand; it simply needs to deliver the store names. Besides the “Giant” logo on the top of the sign, each title on the shopping center sign is written in a plain, straightforward sans serif typeface.